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A Smart Creative Product Manager | UI/UX Designer



Vision Internet
Santa Monica, CA
Director of Operations
2013 - 2014
Lead Product Manager
Principal UI/UX Designer
2011 - 2013
Project Manager
2009 - 2011
  • Led product development for visionCMS™, a user friendly and award winning SaaS based government content management system with emphasis on user centered design.
  • Designed the user interface for visionCMS™, created detailed requirements document using wireframes, and provided iterative QA feedback to development team.
  • Implemented and utilized hybrid (agile/waterfall) style product development method and release cycles to effectively adopt to the existing process and to improve workflow in order to meet aggressive timeline for successful launch.
  • Created and managed product roadmap and feature enhancement list, integrating clients, sales, marketing, and internal stakeholders’ inputs.
  • Established the product manager role and Products team to accommodate the company’s operational transition to the new SaaS based CMS product.
  • Created and implemented a new organizational workflow processes and provided training to project execution teams to adopt to the new SaaS based CMS.
  • Managed product and process focused day-to-day operations for Products, Project Management, Development, Design, IT, and Account Management teams.
  • Successfully managed and launched over 30 mid-to-large budget government websites from concept to completion, on budget and on time, and won over 15 separate awards and honorable mentions.
Trienz / NetApp
Sunnyvale, CA
Senior UI Designer
2007 - 2008
  • Successfully delivered click-through html/css web application prototypes for the brand new Sales Marketing and Reporting Tool (SMART), designed for NetApp’s global sales force, under tight deadlines for off-shore development.
  • Worked closely and iteratively with business analysts and met with stakeholder groups to refine requirements and use cases for creation of wireframes and prototypes.
  • Designed SMART web application user interface, interaction scenarios and navigation based on the requirements documents, use cases, and feedback from the wireframes.
Palo Alto, CA
UI Designer
Product Manager
2002 - 2007
  • Managed the development coordination for the Saronyx Development Integration System (a secure productivity and communication web application for research scientists) through its lifecycle.
  • Translated application needs from client feedback, marketing, management, and professional services teams into usable requirements for development team to implement as new or modified features.
  • Rapidly prepared and implemented product specifications, including designing and creating high fidelity click-through prototypes to visually facilitate understanding of user interactions in features and concepts.
  • Delivered production ready html files and other user interface assets.
  • Iteratively and actively work with development team to test new or modified features for proper implementation within the release cycles.
  • Created and managed client company and user accounts, including registering RSA SecurID® key fobs for secure login authentications.
Redwood City, CA
UI Developer
Website Designer
2001 - 2002
  • Managed user interface related projects for whereiwork.com, an HR benefits & enrollment application service provider (SaaS).
  • Assessed project needs and developed specifications from initial conceptual design through coding and final HTML delivery for production.
  • Effectively collaborated with Marketing, Product Planning, and Product Development teams to ensure project quality, usability, and UI standards.
  • Managed multiple UI projects, including project status and documentation under tight deadlines.
  • Designed, created optimized site graphics and navigational elements for new and enhanced application features.
San Francisco, CA
HTML Coder
Web Developer
2000 - 2001
  • Managed front-end re-designing of HRKnowHow.com, a custom content management web application.
  • Assessed existing application and planned, developed, and implemented the new site design and features.
  • Defined and developed effective navigation structure, page layout, and features; created optimized site graphics and HTML code for production, accommodating back-end constraints and presented to business stakeholders using “click-through” prototypes for final design selection.
  • Communicated effectively with external consultants, internal web site managers and business experts to determine and deliver necessary components on a timely basis to the back-end developers for successful on time release.
San Francisco
Estuary Institute
Richmond, CA
Data Manager
Web Producer
1995 - 2000
  • Designed, implemented, and managed the databases and web sites for information generated from the federal and state funded programs, including the San Francisco Bay Regional Monitoring Program, (RMP) which is the institute’s largest program and the flagship of the Clean Water Program.
  • Designed, implemented and managed relational databases, data/information dissemination and database back-end searchable inventory websites.
  • Streamlined, and managed data flow to-and-from the environmental monitoring data generating subcontracting commercial laboratories, government agencies, universities, private consultants and internal scientists.
  • Conducted meetings with stakeholder organizations to create inventory-sharing alliances, developed data flow processes and achieved design and content level consensus.
Biosystems Analysis
Tiburon, CA
Data Manager / Analyst
LAN Manager
1990 - 1995
  • Developed and maintained river-reservoir system temperature and water quality numerical simulation models for the Mokelumne River (SNTEMP), Camanche Reservoir, and Lake Lodi, CA (WQRRS).
  • Provided sensitivity analysis and graphical summaries of the model simulations to determine and recommend flows necessary to support and improve endangered salmon and rainbow trout fish populations in support of river-reservoir system management plan and for the Environmental Impact Report.
  • Managed and maintained the storage (relational database) and distribution (electronic Bulletin Board System) of data generated from the Mamala Bay (Honolulu, HI) Water Quality Study Project, involving 12 universities and private consulting firms.
  • Provided supervisory services for 50 users Novell Netware 3.11 Local Area Network and provided technical and instructional support for LAN-wide and desktop PC software applications.

Skills & Expertise

  • Product Management
  • Product Roadmap
  • Project Planning & Leadership
  • Project Quality Assurance
  • Crossfunctional Team Management    
  • Conduct Meetings and Trainings
  • Content Management Systems
  • Data Analysis
  • User Interface / UX Design
  • Wireframe & Requirement Documents
  • UI Prototyping and Mockups
  • Mobile Design & Interaction Concepts
  • Graphic Design Directions
  • MS Office Proficiency - Advanced
  • Adobe Creative Suite Proficiency
  • HTML, CSS, jQuery UI


Texas A&M University

University of San Francisco

M.S., Environmental Management
Course work completed, thesis remaining
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Jungho Yoon